Yoshi Sushi Fusion

Experience is Everything


Here at Yoshi, you can expect to find the same high quality sushi as you would in Japan. Our chefs are traditionally trained with a modern day twist of experience to set us apart from being anything but ordinary.



Utilizing our background and knowledge of Japanese culture, we appreciate every one of our guests and strive to provide the best experience.

Our daily specials include carefully selected seasonal fish from all over the globe along with a handpicked selection of wine and sake.


From our family to yours, we welcome you to Yoshi!

Eat Together

Enjoy a Love Affair… With Sushi…


The Chefs’




Chef Irwanto Fnu was born in Indonesia and arrived in the US when he was 18. He grew up in his mother's home cooking dishes mainly comprised of southeast Asian flavors. With a passion for different cuisine, he set out to learn how to make it himself. After working with few different chefs, he was given the opportunity to run a restaurant in California which was followed by a move to Austin, Texas, to learn even more about sushi. Utilizing his background and experience from years of working in the restaurants around Texas, he has become something of a celebrity. Today he works to bring eastern and western flavors together in a casual environment for the foodies in our area to enjoy!

Ansend Huang


Chef Ansend Huang He is from Fuzhou, China. He grew up in a city full of food, and started cooking when he was 12 years old. He came to the United States when he was 20 years old. His first restaurant he created was a seafood buffet in Los Angeles. The difference between Fuzhou and American restaurants aroused his passion for different dishes. He would continue fusing cutting edge culinary creations in places like San Francisco, Phoenix, and Alabama. This gave him a unique vantage point to see that Alabama restaurants are relatively backward, when compared with other larger cities. Wanting to push the status of high-end eating in Alabama, this lead Ansend and his shareholders to decided on opening Yoshi Sushi Fusion in Hampton Cove.